Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

Diamond Strong PPC is best suited for use in harsh construction conditions. This is an eco-friendly product and conforms to the IS 1489 (Part I):1991, Portland Pozzolana Cement Standards. The unique features of this cement are:

  • Increased long term strength
  • Low heat of hydration ensures crack-free construction
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Increased workability & reduced water demand
  • low water permeability
  • Improved surface finishy

Usage: Low heat hydration makes PPC a preferred choice for masonry mortars, plastering and RCC work in residential construction. It can also be used in mass construction works like walls, sewage pipes, dams, marine and hydraulic structures etc.

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Customer Care

Diamond Strong Consumer Care Centres (CCCs) are strategically located stations that provide single-stop solutions for all your home-building needs.

  • Qualified and experienced engineers to help you plan and execute your dream home project
  • Advice for plot selection, sourcing of building material and references of reliable contractors
  • Guidance for effortless management of your construction process from start to finish While our cement products ensure strength and stability of your house, we assure that your journey of making it a home will be stress-free, expeditious and within your budgeted limits.

Diamond Strong Cement Concrete Plus

Excellent durability that provides long-term strength & gain, and is suitable for any type of structural application. Wide range of application, including housing, roads, wells, dams, masonry and plastering works. A premium product, known for its high strength, high performance and consistent quality. Helps in making the concrete stronger, denser and leak proof, resulting in strengthening of the structure An all-purpose cement that serves various customer needs, including building terraces, beams, columns, foundation, roof slab, and in all kinds of RCC and precast jobs.


Instant Solutions

Three decades of proven performance.

Latest Technology

A premium brand with well-established quality & internal standards conform to the Quality Management System.

Professional Approach

Diamond Strong cement is BIS certified & its performance far exceeds established BIS standards.





Competitive Price

Stringent quality control. It maintains fully equipped laboratories where the cement is tested monthly for specifications & for comparison with competitor brands. In addition, higher values of Lime Saturation Factor (LSF) ratios & lower values of free lime content is maintained in clinkers.

100% Satisfactions

Superior customer service with immediate response to customer requirements.


One of the largest dealers network.

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Given its performance parameters, once used, customers insist upon the brand.